Roasted “Stand Up” Chicken & Potatoes ala “ME”

Tonight’s dinner has inspired me to finally start my recipe/menu/cooking/whatever blog. LOL Yes, it will be just whatever pops into my mind, and hopefully filled with loads of recipes, menus, entertaining ideas and food tips. I’m a busy gal, so forgive me if posts become sporadic. But I figure everyone’s gotta eat, so let’s all get gathered back around the Family Table and eat *TOGETHER*! (Yes, people do still do this… I do as often as possible!)
So… onto tonight’s meal! Whole chickens were on sale at Safeway this past week for $.59/lb (for those reading along that don’t know what good prices are for… well, anything… yes, that’s a decent price! I’ve seen them for less, but not very often… stock up and freeze whole chickens, they are very versatile!) I bought 3 chickens, 2 are in Ziploc freezer bags, in the freezer (marked with contents and date! ALWAYS mark the bags!!! You will not remember when you bought these, and when in doubt, throw it out! You’ll waste a lot of money not marking those bags…)
This week I am determined to use what I already have in the fridge, freezer and pantry! There’s a lot of food in there, so I should really be using it. My inspiration for the evening’s meal was to create something without having to go to the store, and keeping with items that I would generally have on hand (and most people would, too).
I took 2# of potatoes and cut them into chunks, then threw them into the bottom of my stoneware fluted pan (it’s like a bundt pan, but stoneware). The chicken I cleaned up and patted dry then stood him up on the center of the pan. Into the cavity I squeezed half a lemon and put the rind in the cavity along with some chunks of onion and fresh garlic cloves, then a few sprigs of parsley. The other half of the lemon I squeezed over the top of the chicken and onto the potatoes. I chunked up some more onion and minced up a few more garlic cloves to toss on top of the potatoes. Then I drizzled a bit of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) over the chicken and onto the potatoes. Herbs for seasoning the outside of the bird were a citrus & basil rub, along with a red pepper and garlic grinder mix (this can be whatever herbs you have on hand, fresh or dried, or whatever you want to use… you’re the one eating it, so use herbs that you like, or preferably LOVE!). I rubbed those into the skin and it was good to go. Into the oven at 400F for about 1-1.5 hours.
Once you take the bird out of the oven, place it on your carving board and tent it loosely with foil. Let it sit for 15 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute to make for a juicy bird. While that’s sitting you can toss dressing in with your salad, and shred some cheese to go in with the potatoes. Tonight I chose an unlikely cheese to pair with my potatoes… Smoked Sharp Cheddar! Scoop up the potatoes into a serving bowl and toss the cheese in with it.
You can serve your favorite vegetables with whatever you feel like. There’s no rules about what veggies go with what meal. Growing up it may have seemed that way if you always had meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn with no variation from that… but it’s not a rule, and it’s a choice that you *CAN* make! Be daring! Choose green beans!
So, tonight’s meal was officially this:
Roasted "Stand Up" Chicken
Roasted Red Potatoes with Smokey Cheddar
3 Bean Salad (this is a cheater add-on… canned…)
BLT Ceasar Salad (yeah, I cheated again… it’s from a bag… on sale at Super 1 for $.98!….. but to the bagged mix I added sliced tomatoes and fresh parmesan)
Garlic Toast
Enjoy! And welcome to the Family Table!

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  1. Me thinks my sis has been watching Rachael Ray waaaay too much!  EVOO?  YUMM-O??  Oh well.  Looks great.  I believe you have found your true calling.  Maybe you\’ll be the next Food Network soopa-sta.  :o)

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