This is Me

I am That Cook Girl! I was born a Cook (by name) and picked up my parents’ love of creative cooking. How do you feed 6 daughters without “breaking the bank”? The answer is: creativity! No personal chef for my parents.

As an adult and parent working full-time (in addition to the full-time job of parenting), I have a great appreciation for all my parents did for us girls. I am proud to call myself “One of the Cook Girls”, and even more proud that I can provide healthy meals for my family, in large part due to what my parents taught me about food. Were they aware of what they were teaching? Perhaps. My hope is that I’m teaching my children some of the same lessons I learned.

Join me as I journey through the ins and outs of trying new foods with 2 teenagers as I fight to keep the “junk” out of our kitchen… and learn about foods that heal, real foods, and whole foods. Our kitchen “life” is a work in progress…