Kitchen Therapy

Sometimes I just need to have a day to cook…
It was an odd, emotional week for me, and Thursday seemed to be the day that it all just crashed around me. I sat here wanting to just run away from everything…… Of course, I’m a mom, so I can’t just run away……… So I did the next best thing!!!
I started the morning with making bread. I love to make bread, but for some reason I just don’t do it as often as I used to. There’s just something quite therapeutic about working the dough with my hands and watching it grow and become something for my family to enjoy……
The day ended with making a real dinner for the family. Burger Steaks topped with saute`d mushrooms, smashed garlic red potatoes and carrots (along with the breadsticks I made with the dough from earlier in the day).
Once my day in the kitchen was complete, something just felt "right" in the world again, and I tucked my kiddos into bed with lots of hugs and kisses and was ready to think about the long summer months ahead of us…….

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